Dowry Death: Woman commits Suicide with her child

Jayashankar Bhupalpally: A heart wrenching incident has happened in Nagaram village in Bhupalpally district on Saturday. A woman named Nampally Rama, 23, committed suicide by jumping into the well along with her three month old Son.

The reason which drived woman to Commit Suicide is dowry harassment by her Husband and her in-laws. The sources say that her husband Devender and in-laws Nampally Rajaiah and Sammakka had demanded parents of Rama, Kasarla Rajaih and Laxmi, to clear Rs one lakh ‘dowry dues’. While the parents of Rama had agreed to give Rs five lakh, they had already given Rs four lakh.

At the naming ceremony of their child, Devender had created ruckus and insulted Rama’s parents badly. He also said that he would not take his wife to his home. Depressed over the insult of her parents and harassment by her husband, the woman took extreme step of committing suicide.