Downed Russian warplane violated Turkish airspace: US

Washington: The US State Department said on Monday that the downed Russian warplane violated Turkish airspace, urging Russia and Turkey to de-escalate the situation through dialogue.

“The available information, including evidence from Turkey and our own sources, indicates the Russian aircraft violated Turkish airspace,” Xinhua quoted the US State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau as saying.

“We also know that the Turks warned the Russian pilots multiple times before the airspace violation, to which the Turks received no response.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree imposing economic sanctions against Turkey on Saturday.

Russia’s move came after Turkey shot down a Russia’s fighter jet last Tuesday, with the latter claiming that the Russian warplane violated Turkish airspace, which Moscow vehemently denied and insisted the Su-24 fighter jet stayed over Syria during its flight.

“We support Turkey’s right to defend its territorial airspace,” Trudeau said. However, it is important now for Ankara and Moscow to take measures to de-escalate the tensions.