Douglas Smith opens up about his on-screen relationship with Shailene Woodley

Washington: The season 2 of HBO’s popular show ‘Big Little Lies’ is back and has introduced some new faces. Among them is actor Douglas Smith, who plays Jane’s (Shailene Woodley) co-worker Corey Brockfield.

While the fans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen with the two characters after their first date and slow dance together in the previous episodes, Smith shed some light on what’s in store for the viewers speaking about his on-screen relationship with Woodley, reported Entertainment Weekly.

He also opened up about what fosters their connection and if the pairing could lead to a “happy ending.”

When asked about his eagerness to meet Jane’s child Ziggy and if he is incredibly serious for her, the actor said, “Yes, that’s a very good assumption. I liked when I read that. That this was the way they were imagining this guy. You always cringe when a different response happens in a movie. You know the stereotypical, “Oh ok, catch you later.” That’s not what you want to read.”

Speaking about his character, he said, “Yes, he’s very empathetic…He’s somebody that has gone through therapy and had lots of diagnoses thrown his way, and I think he is more sensitive than the average guy you see running up to you on the beach with a surfboard in their hands.”

“Anything is possible. We’re all these complicated humans that have the propensity for good and bad, and this show is really good at exploring that. And just like any of the other people in this world, you never know,” he said teasing that there maybe a darker history of his character.

On being asked if his character could bring a “happy ending” to Jane’s complicated life, Smith said, “I don’t know. I hope so. (Laughs). Are there happy endings in life? I think the show’s a little more nuanced than just that simple happy ending.”

Teasing if the two characters can have a relationship in the future, the actor said, “it’s an important part of the healing process to explore a romantic relationship.”

“I believe it’s an important part of the healing process to try and explore a romantic relationship with somebody after you’ve been a victim of assault and to not let that keep you from enjoying those things and that aspect of your life. Zoe had a lot of wisdom when she was talking to Shailene on the beach about that, and that’s as much as I can say,” he said.

Although Jane already rejected Corey’s romantic advances once this season, Smith recently told People, “They continue to interact because of the nature of how they’re both next to each other a lot. That sort of evolves in a way that I can’t really say too much more about.”

The second season is based off a novella by Moriarty who imagined what the characters would be doing after the events of the first season.

The second season introduces a new character, Perry’s mother, Mary Louise, played by Streep.
‘Big Little Lies’ airs on HBO on Sundays.