Double standard of secular parties: outcry on Vivek’s encounter, silence on Muslim youth’s killing

Every party vying each other in condemning the encounter of Vivek Tiwari by Lucknow police. It is but natural to show anger and concern over such an act on humanitarian grounds. But in a similar incident police had killed two innocent Muslims in Aligarh in a fake encounter but even the party which claims their right over Muslim votes is mum over the issue. Probably the so-called secular parties fear that if they open their mouth in support of the Muslim youth killed in the fake encounter, the Hindu radical forces will be displeased with them. Samajwadi party, BSP and Congress, no one has opened the mouth to speak the truth. If that is their attitude in what way they are different from BJP?

Muslim leaders while condemning Vivek Tiwari’s encounter on humanitarian grounds, have shown their anger over the silence of secular parties on the encounter of Muslim youth of Aligarh. They said secular parties are also following suit of BJP so that Hindus do not get displeased with them.