I don’t wish to be a superstar: Kangana Ranaut

New Delhi: Kangana Ranaut believes the definition of a superstar is now restricted to “online hits” and the National Award-winning actress says she would rather be known for her work than her histrionics on social media.

Ruing sensationalism, one of the prevailing by-products of social media, Kangana said she feels “disheartened” to see online stars being made role models.

“In today’s society, a superstar is someone who can excite, enthrall or maybe get people crazy with his her abilities but our generation with the social media and other platforms, it is really disheartening to see that they don’t have nice role models,” the 28-year-old actress said during a session at the CII-Young India here.

“One with the highest followers, or having the biggest butt or someone who is good for nothing are superstars today! If today I open an account on social media and do something sensational I will become a superstar overnight. Do I consider myself one? No. Do I want to be a superstar? No, thank you,” she added.

The “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” star urged the young generation to look up to more “real personalities” for inspiration.

“To give credit to what superstars do… everyone is very happy with their little existence, providing themselves luxuries, comfort and it seems this is the only agenda for today’s generation. I don’t want to have such role models. As a part of this new generation, I would like to make a real contribution. I don’t want to be a superstar.

“Superstars don’t last, real people do, real heroes last.

I want to be a real hero. There have been so many superstars in the past. Who cares about them? I would want to contribute in real sense, I want to be somebody, who lasts even when not around. I want to be someone, who can reach out to people through her work. Being a superstar shouldn’t be the priority of your life, being a real person should be,” she said.

When asked who is her role model, Kangana said it is her own journey in Bollywood, which inspires and motivates her to give it her best. “I have certain expectations of myself and I try to work towards them.