Don’t trust Millennials for chocolates: Study

Washington D.C., Feb. 9(ANI): According to a new study when it comes to chocolates, Millennials also known as the Millennial Generation can’t be trusted, as they say something else and do exactly the opposite.

Kansas State University researchers have found that the majority of millennials may not be putting their money where their mouths are while selecting a chocolate.

Despite strong preferences for ethical chocolate in focus groups, only 14 percent of millennials in individual choice studies selected candy with ethical or social factors.

Michael Young, professor and head of the university’s psychological sciences department said many of the older millennials confessed that they often were not making purchases consistent with those expressed attitudes due to limited financial resources.

Five of the six clusters, or 89 percent of the participants, favored clean labels, which Young defines as a smaller number of ingredients with pronounceable names.

According to Young, two large chocolate companies have announced changes to their labels in February 2015 in support of this preference.

The study is published in the Journal of Food Quality and Preference.