Don’t think Trump will reverse Obama’s global outreach: John Kerry

DAVOS: Days before Donald Trump assumes Presidency in the US, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry today said he hoped achievements of the Obama administration in engaging with the world will not be reversed.

Kerry said the US has today become strongest economy of the world by far, adding that there are some emerging economies as well but the US is doing very well.

Speaking at a session during the WEF Annual Meeting, he said the Obama administration did very well in all aspects, inengaging with and reaching out to countries, including in ties with China.

According to Kerry, even on South China Sea, the US took a very strong position of non-interference and in letting the concerned parties resolve the issue between them.

Even with Russia, the administration sought to reach out and communicate, he noted.

Asked if these achievements can be reversed under Trump, Kerry said, “I won’t think so”.

Noting that the US has been more engaged than ever before in its history, Kerry said, “I don’t believe Iran agreement will be reversed, because friends and allies will all keep it”.

He also talked about Vietnam and the increased engagement the Obama administration had with the country.

Asserting that global trade was good for the world and the US and no barriers should be applied, he said 85 per cent of the job losses in the US are down to being replaced by technology, not because of trade.

We are on the cusp of a new generation of aids free children being born in Africa because the US pushed ahead with the programmes along with Gates Foundation and various other NGOs, he added.

Trump would be sworn in as the US President on January 20.