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Don’t think I have to do a Hindi film just to be seen:Priyanka

Don’t think I have to do a Hindi film just to be seen:Priyanka

Mumbai: Actress Priyanka Chopra is busy pursuing her career in Hollywood but doesn’t feel that the audience back home in India will forget her.

“There have been actors male and female who have taken a sabbatical, whose films haven’t come up in two-three years. I don’t think that if they (audience) won’t see me (in Bollywood films) they will forget me. I am not an insecure person,” Priyanka told reporters here at an event last evening.

The 33-year-old actress won’t be seen in Hindi films as she is yet to sign one but she has season two of her hit television show “Quantico” and Hollywood movie “Baywatch” in her kitty.

“I don’t think I have to do a film (in Hindi) just to be seen. My show (“Quantico”) comes every Saturday you all can see me on screen. Even my film “Baywatch” will be releasing (next year in summer),” she said.

“I don’t think Indian audience needs to be reminded ‘come see me’. If they want to see your films they will and if they don’t want to they won’t see it (films ). You can’t force anyone to see your films,” she added.

However the “Fashion” star is open to do a Hindi film if something excites her.

“If I get a good project and if I have time I will do it (Hindi film). Till the time audience would like to see me I will do films. If they would not like to see me I would come to know,” she adds.

The actress-singer revealed that the makers of her upcoming Hollywood film “Baywatch” plan to aggressively promote the film in the film in India, considering the popularity of Priyanka here.

“My film will have a big release in India. We will be getting entire cast here (in India). Today entertainment medium has become broad. I am an Indian actor first before anything no matter where I go in the world. Whatever I am today is because of the Hindi film industry and it is my training ground,” she said.

According to the versatile actress the business of entertainment is about demand and supply.

“If our (women-centric) films are watched more then things will change. It has started happening the more it happens the better. It is unfair to put pressure on a female about the numbers if not watched by that many people. I think its a vicious circle,” she added.

Meanwhile Priyanka, who is now in India, rubbished reports of signing Rs 100 crore worth endorsements.

“I wish it was true. It was a nice story but it is not true.It is a stupid exaggerated number,” she added.