Don’t ‘spin the wheel’: Cyber Crime Cell warns of online frauds

Hyderabad: From shady websites to phoney forward messages and fake notifications, the Cyber Crime Cell of Cyberabad Police Commmissionerate have warned people to watch for the “lucky wheel” being received on their WhatsApp.  

The Cyber Crime Cell have received several complaints in which the complainants got lured in the pretext of winning prizes by “spinning the wheel”.

Behind this spinning wheel, there are fraudsters who are waiting for people to spin the wheel so that they could lure them. Currently, many such phishing links which redirect to a lucky spin wheel are circulating on social media, especially WhatsApp.

After clicking on the link forwarded on your WhatsApp, the link redirects a user to a spinning wheel, where after spinning, a pop-up appears saying “You won a mobile or prize”. It then asks the user to share it with others in order to claim the prize.

The Cyber Crime Cell officials say that through these links, the data of the user is getting compromised by the fraudsters. In view of the rampant increase of circulation of such phishing links, the Cyber Crime Cell has listed out a caution advisory to take precautionary measures:

  • Do not to click on the links circulating in social media platforms.
  • Verify and know the genuine links and sites you are redirected to.
  • Do not believe the gift offers/prizes online. Please verify.
  •  Do not click on any links as your personal data may get compromised.