Don’t slip, trip: Wear right footwear on Holi

New Delhi: Being stylish is good but wearing something safe on your feet is equally important to avoid falling and slipping on Holi. Invest in a sturdy pair of flip-flops or water resistant clogs, experts suggest.

Rajeev Bhatia assistant vice-president marketing, Relaxo Footwear and Surabhi Agarwal, head of merchandising, Crocs India, have listed tips for a safe Holi:

* Opt for waterproof, non-leather footwear. Sturdy floaters, slip-ons, flip-flops and water-resistant clogs make for a perfect choice when you have to face spills and water shots. Also, it’s better to go for open footwear that lets your feet breathe.

* Do not compromise with quality and comfort for style as cheap stuff might break off the second you start dancing or playing Holi. Go for rubber flip-flops and totally avoid wearing shoes as they fill up with water and then become slippery and messy to carry.

* Say no to any footwear with heels as you do not want to end up spraining your ankle and miss out on all the Holi fun.

* Coloured water seeping into shoes can lead to sodden sticky shoes, fungal infections and other diseases. Ensure you dry your feet completely after playing Holi. You can also also soak your feet in antibacterial liquid and slather anti-fungal powder to keep fungal infections at bay.

* Pair up your Holi outfit with bright-coloured shoes. Fun prints also look great in this festival of colours.

* Dry your shoes completely before keeping them back in the rack. You can air dry them, wipe with a soft cloth and then store them. You don’t want mould to live in your beloved shoes.