Don’t pay more: Dhruv Rathee explains GST fraud in hotels, restaurants bills

The confusion among masses regarding different GST rates for various products and services is making people easily befooled by hoteliers and restaurants. There is a large number of eateries that are not GST registered but charge people taxes in the name of GST.

However, you can identify the fraudsters with a slight background information on different GST rates for different products.

How to identify GST fraud in Restaurants:

To know whether your dealer is registered for GST or not, you can check the GST number, a 15 digit number that is printed on the bill. Some restaurants even print a fake number to manipulate the customer. Now, this number can be verified through the website of Goods and Service Tax. If it is fake, you can make a complaint.

How a GST number look like:

The sixth character of GST number is either ‘P’ or a ‘C’, where P stands for people (individual business) and C stand for a company.

How much should be the GST charge:

1. Non AC/ non-alcohol serving restaurant or hotels should charge 12% GST
2. AC/ alcohol-serving restaurants or hotels should charge 18% GST
3. For takeaways, the GST should be 18%

Note: These are current GST rates, government can revise the tax rate from 18% to 12%, so be informed.

How to register a complaint about GST fraud:

a) Register your complaint on; or
b) Call 1800114000 or 14404 or SMS on 8130009809
c) Email –,
d) GST portal –, 0120-4888999, 011-23370115
e) Twitter handles- @jagograhakjago @consaff @askGST_Goi, @FinMinIndia

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