Don’t let the monsoon get to you these 5 hairstyles will up your style quotient

New Delhi: If you are not happy with your open-hair in this patchy monsoon, then all you need to do is a hairdo to enrich your look. Beauty and makeover expert Aashmeen Munjal shares some classy hairdos to keep your monsoon blues at bay.

1) Front French Braid:If you want to brush hair off your face in style, try this adorable hairstyle. Either parts your hair according to your face shape or continue a single braid from one side of the face to another and tie it neatly with hair accessories. Flaunt your pretty face with simplicity.

2) Side Braid: Braid is one comfortably quick hairstyle and has been a part of Indian hairstyles for ages. This basic hairstyle has been remodelled into vogue with some swanky twists and turns to it. You could make French or Dutch sides braid and give a sleek or messy touch according to your preference.

3) French Twist Bun: This one’s a slick hairdo and you can never go wrong with a French twist if done neatly. You could either do it with or without a puff and either side part or pull back your hair. A puff looks goes great with this hairdo.

4) Twisted Messy Side Bun: This hairdo is a fad amongst the bun lovers and looks very elegant. Start twisting your hair from the crown of the head and continue till you do all your hair. Next, roll them up in a side bun. Loosen it up carefully and set it with bobby pins to make sure it stays. To add some grace, pull few strands of hair from near your ear and soft curl them.

5) Curl and tie: You can never go wrong with curls, these look fashionable and are very easy to carry. Curl your hair: soft or tight, according to your preference and face shape and simply pin half of them or you could also tie them in one pony, a low preferably. Use a black rubber band to tie them and wrap a tiny section of hair to cover it.