I don’t let fat people sit in my auto, driver tells Mumbai girl

People come in all shapes and sizes. The human body has a tremendous capacity for variation, which is why everyone looks different.

Human beings and the society we live in are frighteningly complex, and this means there are numerous ways that someone can end up being overweight, most of which defy the “it’s their own decision” argument.

Anyone who’s overweight is so by their own volition, and stays that way due to laziness and lack of effort; why should others face problems with criticising someone’s weight…

Just recently, 30-year-old, Asmi Shah shared about an incident where she was asked to get down of the auto rickshaw because she is was “too fat”.

She used Twitter as a medium to share her story and gave the details and the number plate of the auto to the Mumbai Police.

She wrote, “#bodyshaming act by auto driver! I was made to get off the auto because Im #Fat.” reported by DC.

Shah is a travel agent by profession and lives in Santacruz, an area in Mumbai suburb. Shah took auto from her area and was travelling, when the auto diver started passing nasty comments.

According to the reports, after travelling for few metres, the driver asked her to sit in the middle of the sit and she did as asked. Shah was suppose to pick her mother on the way and asked the driver to stop, when he asked her if the other person was as fat as her. Shah was shocked and asked the driver to mind his language.

Shah said that she was asked to leave the auto and when she refused to do so, the driver stopped the rickshaw. The auto driver told her that he doesn’t let fat people sit in his auto.

She has reported the matter to the local and traffic police and is awaiting their response.

According to media reports, she doesn’t want him to get punished but want to teach him a lesson as he can’t keep insulting people and discriminating them.