I don’t have any films in hand, it’s stressing me out: sonam kapoor

Mumbai: Actress Sonam Kapoor, whose last film “Neerja” was widely appreciated, has not signed any new project after the movie’s release. And this, she says, is stressing her out.

Asked if she has taken on anything new, Sonam said: “No, I haven’t signed anything and it’s stressing me out that I haven’t.”

In “Neerja”, Sonam played a real life character a flight attendant who displays bravado on a hijacked plane to save the lives of passengers by risking her own.

Sonam admits that the portrayal of women in films has become stronger over the years, but she still feels that in terms of remuneration, discrimination against actresses exists.

Talking about the pay disparity, she said: “It is slowly changing, but it’s a far way off despite the numbers that ‘Neerja’ has done and despite the numbers my films have done.”

“I have been a part of female-centric films but we are still only opening to 700 screens.”

“It’s not about what the industry is paying you… It’s about whether the audience wants to see the film or not. If my film is going to open at Rs.6 crore, is it okay for the producer to pay me that money or not,” she said.