‘Don’t fear jail’, says Cartoonist Manjul after Twitter notice on behalf of central govt

Social media platform Twitter last Friday sent an email to a popular political cartoonist Manjul saying that the Central government is asking to take action against his handle, who believe that his content violates the law(s) of India.

Manjul took to his social media handles to share the email from Twitter which had also, in its letter, said that they have not taken any action on the reported content yet.

Speaking to siasat.com, Manjul said: “I was not really sure why I received this mail but if someone is trying to curb my voice, I will keep doing my work.”

Manjul has been into this profession for over three decades. His cartoons, off late, illustrated the poor management of Centre’s COVID-19 crisis in India, including political rallies during the period and the vaccination drive.

“I have no software installed in my system other than that required for making cartoons. I will keep making it even if the big forces put me behind the bars; I just need paper and pencil,” Manjul says. 

Twitter’s email did not specify which of his cartoons violated the laws of the land as said by the Centre. “It would be very kind and easy for him if the government could specify his work so that he can keep working on those lines, to make a change,” he wrote in another tweet.

Besides, Twitter advised Manjul to take legal action to challenge the notice by the government and keep himself protected through legal rights .

“I have a kid and family to take care of and it’s not feasible for a small person like me to fight against such a big institution, by hiring a lawyer. If they really want me put behind jail for curbing the voice, I’m ready to go,” Manjul told siasat.com.

Further, Manjul said that he has been facing regular hate messages and threat calls, including those from some of his friends. “But that won’t stop me working. I know little about my legal rights, but I am aware of how to block people and revert back in my own space”. 

In another report by News Laundry, Manjul was quoted as saying: “The mainstream media will not question the government. Instead they, being funded by the government, will label me as an anti-national.”

Prominent figures like Congress MP Shashi Tharoor condemned the action taken by the government for curbing the voices of people. Fellow cartoonist Satish Acharya said in a tweet: “Dear Mighty Sarkar, please stop targeting cartoonists. Cartoonists always stood with the opposition and you’ll need them when you become the opposition.”