Don’t drag army in cheap politics: Lalu Prasad

New Delhi: RJD President Lalu Prasad today accused “right-wing” elements of trying to use surgical strikes for “votes” and “money” and asked them not to “drag the army in “cheap politics”.

Prasad, who had accused BJP of trying to reap political dividends on surgical strike, said, “Koi army ke naam pe vote maang raha hai to koi note (Someone is seeking votes while some others are seeking money in the name of Army).

“Dakshinpanthiyon, sharm karo sharm. Gai aur Ram se pet nahi bhara kya? Sena ko to bakhsh do. (Shame on you right wings…shame. You people are not content with cow and Ram. At least, spare the Army,” Prasad said in his tweet.

Prasad’s tweet talked about Ram and cow, the issues which BJP, RSS and its affiliates have been raising while Raj-Thackeray led MNS has been criticised for asking film producers who have employed Pakistani artistes to donate to army welfare fund.

“Rightist gang is hell-bent on destroying Highly Disciplined, Courageous & Apolitical credentials of Army. Don’t drag Army in ur cheap politics (sic),” Prasad said in another tweet.

Earlier, he had hailed the army for its surgical strikes but mocked the NDA-led Central government for “trying to take credit” for it.

“The Army is known for its valour and it has given befitting reply to Pakistan’s attempts to push terrorists into the country and would do so in future as well. I am sure if the need arises, our brave Army would do a major surgery like this in future also,” the RJD supremo had stated.