‘I don’t deserve this life’: Blue Whale victim’s heartbreaking message

Chandigarh: A seventeen-year-old boy was found hanging from the ceiling fan at his residence in Haryana’s Panchkula town.

The case is again suspected to be linked with the dangerous online Blue Whale game.

Karan Thakur, a student of DAV School, Chandigarh, had apparently asked his mother to take him to a psychiatrist as he was getting addicted to a game, some media reports claimed.

His parents had found Blue Whale game installed on his phone.

The police have also found some notes and diagrams scribbled in his notebook in which the boy had written, “I should just die” and “I don’t deserve this life”.

However, no whale image was found carved on the boy’s forearm, said the police.

Deputy commissioner of police Manbir Singh said, “While necessary investigations are being conducted into the matter, the parents of the boy today informed us that they found some diagrams and notes scribbled in the boy’s diary, which raised suspicion that he could have been playing the Blue Whale Challenge,” reported PTI.

The suicide cases due to Blue Whale Challenge had allegedly increased in India, making the government concerned over its rising threat. The apex court has also asked the government to put a complete ban on the deadly game.