Don’t cheat the Muslims on 12% reservations issue – Jamiatul Ulema

Hyderabad: Muslims should not be worried. Governments continue to change. Bifurcation of the State is not going to change the lifestyle of the Muslims. Muslims should work for the security of the country. Muslims do not get disappointed and they are not helpless. They have faith in Allah (SWT).

These thoughts were expressed by Hafiz Peer Shabbeer Ahmed, President of State Jamiatul Ulema while addressing a gathering held at Rekurti, Kareem Nagar. This meeting was held for creating awareness among the Muslim for inviting the attention of the Govt. of Telangana for providing 12% reservation for Muslims. KCR should not cheat the Muslims in this regard. He should make an announcement for reservations. Due to the dilly dallying policy of KCR, 4% reservations given by YSR would be in danger.

Maulana Shabbeer Ahmed told that Sudheer Commission is useless. It is only to pass time. On the other hand, Center Govt. is against reservations. Mr. Arun Jaitely made an objection for giving reservations on the basis of religion. He demanded KCR to adopt a clear cut policy on reservation. He also demanded to present the facts about Alair encounter for which there is no need for any commission. All the facts are before us. It is not known why the State Govt. is reluctant to expose the facts. Everyone knows that police imprisoned the innocent Muslim youths and kept them in jail for years. They could not prove any crime against them. When court was about to set them free, they were killed in an encounter.

Maulana Shabbeer Ahmed told that Jamiatul Ulema is not a political party. It does not receive any donations. It is an organization of god fearing people. It has no political interest. This organization functions to please Allah (SWT). He stressed upon the need for the Muslims to approach Sharia Courts of the Muslims to get their disputes resolved. Jamiatul Ulema is an organization which raises its voice for truth and forces the governments to yield. He categorically said that the Govt. should not adopt dilly dallying policy on reservations. The meeting was attended by Mufti Ghyas Mohiuddin, Vice President of Jamiatul Ulema of Kareem Nagar, Hafiz Waseem, Hafiz Qazi, Maulana Kazmi, Mr. Sadiq Mohiuddin and others.

–Siasat News