“Don’t call me sir, call me Rahul,” Congress president told college student, she blushed

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi while addressing an interactive session with students of Stella Maris College in Chennai asked students to call him ‘Rahul’ instead of ‘Sir’.

He asked the young student “Can you call me Rahul instead of sir? It makes me comfortable.” The student was left blushing as the crowd went cheering loudly and applauding Rahul.

There were lighter moments during the interaction in which the Congress President maintained that he was still a young politician, asking the students to address him as Rahul and not as Sir which was applauded by the students.

He stated that “In 2014, I was a young politician, I am still young, but slightly older, and we fought an election and lost it, we got thrashed and I realised that it was the best thing that happened in 2014 for me, my learning, for my understanding of politics of people was that we lost 2014.

“It was a sad thing, a bad thing, but it was also a very good thing. In a way, I learn from Mr Modi,” he added.

During his interaction, he faced a range of questions from the students about the Congress-led UPA’s plans for economic growth, Jammu and Kashmir, the charges against his brother-in-law, and the reason for hugging Modi in Parliament.