Don’t believe in star status: Sharmila Tagore

Kolkata: Movie veteran Sharmila Tagore describes herself as a “working actor”, and says she doesn’t believe in star status.

“Also we call ourselves working actors. I don’t believe in the star status because somehow you get disengaged from life… once you are in that place, then you are not in touch with (people). I would like to mingle with people,” Sharmila said on Monday at the Tata Steel Kolkata Literary Meet here.

Asked by audience members on whether her children, actors Saif and Soha, have picked up her advice on their careers, the multiple National Award winner said she had never exhibited her stardom at home.

“They have seen that (how I mingle with people). They have learnt from examples. They have seen me work and learnt the value of hard work.

“They have never seen me becoming a star at home. I think they have taken a bit from that, even Saif, who is in another galaxy. Even then he is very much a normal person. They have learnt from seeing their mother more than any verbal advice,” she added.