Don’t believe fake surveys: KCR tells people

Hyderabad: The electors should not get carried away with wrong and fake surveys by the Opposition parties that are conspiring against the State development, TRS supremo and Caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao today appealed to the activists and people.

Addressing public meetings at Jayashankar Bhupalapally and Peddapally and other districts, KCR alleged that some Sannasulu (useless fellows) used to conduct false and mad surveys of no use. The TRS activists and the leaders should not get panicked at their results as they are simply wrong and not believable, he said. Even during the movement of the statehood, some leaders tried to spike and stall the agitation and threatened Telangana people of no power and misrule.

The people are able to see the welfare and development done by the TRS regime and vote for it for better future, he said. He also said that the people and the activists can listen to the TRS and Congress in the campaigns and judge which party is best for the State of Telangana that needs a positive push to witness growth in all sectors. He said people should win in real democracy to turn their dreams true and fulfil aspirations.

The Congress, which ruled the State for 58 years was one side and the TRS that fought 14 years and achieved the statehood is on other side for the polls. And it is time to judge by the people to which side they must vote by seeing development, he said. “If you believe in the Congress you will face brunt for five years and there will be no power, water and other issues will crop up, he warned. Recognize the priority of the vote and push democracy for development by voting to the TRS, he said.