Be yourself, don’t be afraid to stand-out: Huma Qureshi

Mumbai: Actress Huma Qureshi believes its important to be yourself and advises all to not be afraid of standing out in the crowd.

“Be yourself and don’t try to fit in with everybody and don’t be afraid to stand-out. Professional ups and downs keep coming and going. Success and failure nobody can predict. In our world, how successful you are it sort of shows that how right or good you are which is not true. You just keep doing your thing and inshallah one-day success will come,” Huma advised contestants on the sidelines of beauty pageant Miss Diva 2017.

“India’s beauty is that here people can come from different religions, regions and strata of society despite that, this country allows you to work on your potential, be it in any field,” added Huma, who is currently shooting for superstar Rajinikanth starrer “Kaala”.