Donald Trump’s Investments In India Can Affect Indo-Pak Ties: US Senator Tim Kaine

Washington : Democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine has alleged that Republican White House aspirant Donald Trump’s investments in India could have an impact on US’ efforts towards a stable India-Pakistan relationship if he wins the November general elections.

“He (Trump) has got deals in the Pakistan part of the world where the deal working out puts a lot of money into his pocket, but it could affect his view of what we should do to try to promote stability in that part of the world and stable relations between India and Pakistan,” Kaine said at an election rally on Thursday.

“Similarly, it has come out that he and his organisation owe money to the Bank of China. He says he is going to hold China accountable, but China basically has him in hock to them. And so there is a real question of how he could hold them accountable,” he said as he slammed Trump for his “half-baked” policies and foreign entitlements.

His allegations came a day after ‘Newsweek’ ran a story about the 70-year-old real estate mogul’s business dealings.

“Donald Trump has — through his family companies– business deals all across the world, including with countries that are very adverse to the United States or individuals in those countries, some even with criminal backgrounds and criminal records. And the information hasn’t been disclosed,” Kaine claimed.

The Senator from Virginia alleged that Trump has a lot of business deals in Russia, some with sort of the government or individuals connected with the government, and in Ukraine, with pro-Russian elements.

“And these are deals that are putting a lot of money into his pocket, helping him out, helping his family out. They’re really important to him. That may explain why he always say positive things about Putin: Putin is a great leader. He said Putin was a better leader than President Obama,” Kaine said.

“Mike Pence, his running mate, my opponent for vice president, said, it is inarguable that Vladimir Putin is a better leader for his country than Barack Obama is for America,” he said.

“Do you want a president making decisions about our foreign policy and what is in American interests who has got financial interests all over the globe… I mean, that’s a huge, huge problem, for a president to have those kind of conflicts,” Kaine asked.