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Donald Trump urged to “eat humble pie” after dislodging Rose Hamid

Donald Trump urged to “eat humble pie” after dislodging Rose Hamid


At 69, with one foot in grave when some think of dying with a good ending, people like Trump still exist who choose to become a burden on planet earth.

Trump a candidate for presidential elections of United States in 2016 seems to have an intense potential of loathing Islam. His abhorrence for Muslims recently gave him an added list of abominators on Friday, when a muslim woman named Rose Hamid wearing a hijab was escorted out of his campaign after she stood up in a silent protest.

During a rally held at Rock Hill South California, where Mr.Donald was campaigning, Ms. Hamid stood up in a silent

protest wearing a T-Shirt with a message “Salam, I come in peace”. She was then forced by a security officer to leave the campaign.

(CAIR) Council of American Islamic Relations urges Donald Trump to apologize for his misconduct. In an interview with CNN Ms Hamid said “ I sincerely believe that if people get to know each other one-to-one then they will soon stop getting afraid of each other thus we can get rid of hate in this world” she further added “My goal was to let people know that Muslims are not that scary” John Kasich current Governor of Ohio, also a candidate for 2016 presidential elections of United States contradicts the notion of  Donald stating “If we want to fix the borders or social security and if we want to create an environment for job creations we are not going to get it done by tearing one another apart”.

Donald J.Trumph definitely doesn’t have his piece of cake in knowing the geographical boundaries. Wonder what his followers want to say on this tweet of their beloved leader.