Donald Trump taking action to boost job creation: White House

Washington: US President Donald Trump has taken numerous actions to boost job creation and key economic indicators are showing that the measures are working, the White House said on Wednesday.

“In his first month in office, the President has already taken numerous actions to boost job creation and a and key economic indicators are showing that it’s working,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at his daily news conference.

“CEO and confidence are up, the stock market continues to reach record highs, and the January numbers were strong,” Spicer said.

Trump is scheduled to meet business leaders to discuss specific action he can take to remove barriers to job creation.

These leaders, many of whom represent some of the country’s largest manufacturers, will begin the day in working groups with the vice president, Cabinet members and key aides of the president’s staff, he said adding that the working groups will engage in a deep-dive conversation on the attendees’ specific area of expertise.

Topics of discussion include deregulation, tax and trade, training and the workforce of the future and infrastructure. Vice President Mike Pence will be engage with each of the groups and after the groups conclude their discussion, the President’s staff will compile the feedback and Trump will sit down with the entire group for a listening session on some of their recommendations.

Trump, he said, is expecting these interactions to lead to real action being taken by the administration. “Creating a dynamic and booming economy that works for all Americans continues to be at the top of his domestic policy agenda,” he asserted.

“As a successful businessman himself, the President knows that if we’re going to get the country back to work, we need to hear directly from job creators what is holding them back and where appropriate take steps to remove the barriers,” Spicer said.