Donald Trump Mistakes Ivanka From Brighton For His Daughter, Tags Wrong Twitter Profile

A woman called Ivanka from Brighton, UK, has found herself mistakenly identified as US President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter on Twitter.

On Monday night, Trump took to Twitter to take a swipe at CNN ahead of the channel’s profile of his daughter Ivanka, reported.

“Considering it is CNN, can’t imagine it will be great!” he wrote sarcastically.

He then retweeted some praise for Ivanka from a follower who said: “Ivanka Trump is great, a woman with real character and class.”

But the follower had inadvertently tagged the profile of a woman called Ivanka from Brighton instead of Trump’s daughter.

Ivanka Majic appears to work for Brighton and Hove Council in Adult Social Care, reported.

Trump’s message has been retweeted almost 4,000 times.