Donald Trump may announce Cabinet appointments this week

Washington: US President-elect Donald Trump is in final stages of giving shape to his Cabinet and announcements in this regard could be made anytime this week, his aides indicated on Monday.

The vice president-elect Mike Pence, who also heads presidential transition team, is arriving in New York on Tuesday to hold meetings with Trump.

“They’ll be reviewing a number of names,” Jason Miller, a transition communication advisor said.

“If the Vice President-elect is getting together with the President-elect to discuss names, then I would say that it’s serious, obviously,” Miller said.

Meanwhile, the American media was abuzz with speculations on potential Cabinet picks of Trump.

The former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani along with the former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton was speculated to be in the race for being the Secretary of State.

Other potential Cabinet picks being talked about are Senator Jeff Sessions, Senator Bob Corker and Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker to the US House of Representative. However, Miller cautioned against finalising any names as of now.

“You can’t believe everything you read. I don’t want to play the speculation game as far as names,” he said.

“There’s a thorough, detailed process that the Vice President-elect and the transition team are going through and the President-elect will make the decision and let us know,” he said.

Sessions was seen entering the Trump Towers fuelling the speculation about his role in the Trump Cabinet.

“I’m a huge fan of Senator Sessions and the President-elect will be lucky to have him in any capacity,” Miller said.

There were also reports that Laura Ingraham is under consideration for White House Press Secretary.

“You’re going to see a number of different names that are ultimately becoming a part of the President-elect’s administration.

“There will be non-traditional names, a number of people who have had wide-ranging success in a number of different fields; wide-ranging success in business…People will be excited when they see the type of leaders the President-elect brings into this administration,” Miller said.

The Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway also said that Cabinet appointments announcement are likely this week.

“Possibly (this week). Narrowing it down,” she said in response to a question.

“I think we’ll get more clarity on the senior team and the cabinet,” she added.