Donald Trump attends Easter church service

Palm Beach, United States: US President Donald Trump attended an Easter Sunday church service near his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, a culmination to his latest weekend away from Washington.

Trump, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, waved to well-wishers as he entered the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea. He took a seat near the front of the sanctuary with his wife and her parents, along with his daughter Tiffany and young son Barron as a choir sang hymns and the rector and other clergy made introductions and quoted gospel.

Afterward Trump returned to Mar-a-Lago where, according to a White House aide, he was to join sons Donald Trump Jr and Eric for brunch and an Easter celebration, which includes an Easter egg hunt for children.

Earlier Trump sent out a celebratory message on Twitter: “Happy Easter to everyone!” As Trump’s motorcade wound through the tony seaside neighborhood where his resort is located, hundreds of people stood on the sidewalks and waved or snapped photographs. But one person on a patio held up a sign that read “Impeach.” The president’s weekend included several hours at his Trump International Golf Club on Friday and Saturday — his 17th and 18th trip to a golf course since becoming president on January 20, according to NBC News.

Prior to his election, Trump had repeatedly criticized his predecessor Barack Obama for playing golf on weekends.

Despite a profusion of tweets during his Mar-a-Lago stay, Trump has remained largely silent over the latest actions by North Korea, which included the rogue state’s display of what looked like new missiles or prototypes during a parade and the failed launch of a missile on Sunday.

But Vice President Mike Pence, visiting South Korea, described the failed launch as a “provocation” and said he spoke by telephone with Trump, and declared that Washington’s “resolve has never been stronger” with regard to its alliance with South Korea.