Don the dog: Bharati defends, wife says bite marks evidence of attack

New Delhi: AAP MLA Somnath Bharti startled reporters at Dwarka North police station by directing his dog ‘Don’ to “bite” them in a bid to establish its innocence over allegations that it had bit his wife Lipika Mitra during her pregnancy.

Last night, Bharti had showed up at the station with ‘Don’, a labrador retriever, in tow saying it was “always available”.

However, much to the relief of the onlookers ‘Don’ reacted rather indifferently to his master’s directions. “See it is not even reacting. And all sorts of allegations are being levelled against him,” Bharti quipped.

However, Mitra reacted sharply to the display of “innocence” saying she continues to bear the “bite marks” of the dog on her stomach.

“He (Bharti) has his liberty to speak. But whatever I am saying is based on evidence. The bite marks are still there on my stomach,” she said.

In the FIR, Mitra had levelled serious charges against Bharti including that of “unleashing” dogs on her when she was pregnant.