Doctors from around the world participate in conference on Dialysis

New Delhi [India]: In a first of its kind, two-day conference on controversies in Dialysis Access Asia Pacific, doctors from around the world discussed the hard-hitting disputation surrounding the medical procedure.

With intention to improve patient care, the conveners organized debates, discussions and a competitive challenge among interventional radiologists, access surgeons and nephrologists.

A host of doctors from the country and abroad including US specialists Bart Dolmatch and Ingemar Davidson took part in the conference and shared some important perspectives on the issue.

Some of the major agendas of discussion included, art of declotting/Fistuloplasty,CTO Recanalization, Precrutaneous AC Fistula, Ultrasound guided Fistuloplasty, update on drugs coated balloon for access salvage, tips and tricks for difficult permacath insertion.

Four patients, who underwent the dialysis process and successfully coped with it, were also honored at the event. Among the honorees were Ramamohan Rao, Pt. Amit, Birendra Johari and Ravi Khanna.

The event was organized by a team of vascular surgeons from the Medanta Hospital headed by Dr Rajiv Parakh and Dr Virender Sheorain in Gurgaon at the Hyat Regency on December 9 and 10. (ANI)