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Doctor kills self by injecting sedatives in drip

Doctor kills self by injecting sedatives in drip

Hyderabad: Doctors are supposed to save human lives; by the will of God. But in a rare incident, a doctor from Kareemnagar committed suicide by injecting sedatives in his saline drip. Shivanandan, a radiologist R/O Janapriya apartment at Attapur was found dead in his flat on Sunday. He worked with a private hospital in Kareemnagar.

According to Sub Inspector Narayana Reddy Shivanandan’s death came to light only when his driver called him at around 2.30 pm, to ask for money for lunch. However, the doctor did not take the calls. When he went to the flat, it was locked from inside and there was no response to his knocks on the door. The driver called Shivanandan’s friends in city.

Shivanandan’s friends forcibly opened the door and found Shivanandan dead in the bedroom with several sedative injections injected into the saline and an IV drip to his body.

The cause of his suicide could not be ascertained. No suicide note was recovered. According to his family and friends the doctor did not show any signs of depression nor did he have any financial problems.