Do you want to be ‘happy’? Eat these foods

Hyderabad: Happiness of a person not only depend on the social life but also on what he/she eats. Apart from keeping a person active, right diet helps him/her to reduce stress and anxiety.

According to the report published in NDTV, following are the foods which can be included in diets to stay happy. These foods reduce anxiety and stress.

  • Green Tea: As per research, one who drinks green tea has less stress when compared to those who do not drink it.
  • Raw Walnut: It is rich in magnesium which has a relaxation property. Magnesium can be helpful in handling stress and anxiety. It may also be helpful in maintaining blood sugar.
  • Coffee: It has a property to mitigate the risk of depression in men and women. This property is useful to manage sadness.
  • Dark chocolate: It is not only tasty but also lowers the level of stress hormone. Antioxidants present in it induces a¬†sense of happiness.
  • Berries: A perfect snack. Antioxidant, Anthocyanin present in berries reduce depression.