Do you think it is a good decision for Prof M Kodandaram to opt out of contest?

Hyderabad: Those responded to the query on the merits of Prof M Kodandaram’s decision not to contest felt that intellectuals
must not jump onto the bandwagon of elections.

Instead, the intellectuals must devote themselves to educate people on social issues. Majority of respondents felt that he is a true polymath and the ruling TRS had not given him the respect he deserved.

Some of the respondents felt that he took a good decision not to contest in the forthcoming elections. The election arena, a few respondents felt, remained dominated by money and muscle power.

None said Prof Kodandaram opted out of the race because of the fear of defeat.

Majority of respondents appealed to him to ensure that Mahakutami, if elected to power, fulfil the aspirations of people.

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