Do you store drinking water in these blue drums? Know how it is hazardous to health

Hyderabad: Many people store drinking water in blue coloured used drums which is injurious to health.

These drums are used by pharmaceutical companies for supplying pesticides. A statutory warning that these drums should not be used again is written on these drums since they contain chemicals. If these chemicals are smelt, it may affect human health.

At various places in the city, these used drums are utilized for selling caustic soda. Pharmaceutical experts opine that the chemicals contained in these drums are harmful.

If drinking water is stored in these drums, it may cause health hazards. As per law, the resale of these drums is prohibited but the strange thing is that neither the Pollution Control Board nor Health Officer of GHMC take any action. By mistake, if chemicals contained in these drums are not properly cleaned, they enter human body which may cause various complications.

People are advised not to store drinking water in such drums.

–Siasat News