Do not need ‘Guts’ certificate from Rahul: Nitin Gadkari

New Delhi: Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari in response to Rahul Gandhi’s comment lashed out at him on Monday and said that he had expected that Congress chief would talk responsibly with a better understanding, unlike other political leaders.

Congress supremo Rahul had “complimented” the minister, saying he was the only member in the BJP cabinet who has guts to speak freely and that he should comment on “farmer distress and destruction of institutions”.

Just hours after Rahul’s comment, Gadkari replied in a series of tweets that he did not need a “certificate” from Rahul about “his guts” and also blamed Congress for pushing farmers to their present state of affairs.

“The difference between our DNA and of Congress is that we have faith in constitutional institutions. Your efforts are not yielding results. Modiji will again become the prime minister and we will take the country forward. But I hope in future you will talk responsibly and with better understanding,” he said.

Earlier, Rahul had tweeted, “Gadkariji, compliments! You are the only one in the BJP with some guts. Please also comment on: 1. The Rafale scam and Anil Ambani 2. Farmers’ distress 3. Destruction of institutions.”