Do men exaggerate their number of sexual partners?

Washington: Turns out, men exaggerate the number of sexual partners in their total lifetime.
Researchers at the University of Glasgow analysed the responses of over 15,000 men and women and concluded that men are more likely to exaggerate their number of opposite-sex partners, possibly because men estimate rather than count all of their partners.

Men claimed to have an average of 14 sexual partners over their lifetime, while women reported only seven. The people surveyed were between the ages of 16 and 74.

The answer to the question of ‘do men exaggerate their number of sexual partners appears to be a resounding “yes.” Indeed, it’s simple math, “Given that there are not significantly more women in the population than men, if men are reporting higher numbers and women are reporting lower numbers, many are reporting inflated or deflated numbers due to the tendency to answer questions in a way that they think they’re supposed to,” said sex therapist Dulcinea Pitagora.

Statistics show that men use a broader strategy, indicating their approval of someone’s photo by swiping right on profiles, while women swipe right on only some

“This seems to indicate that the number of sex partners would be especially skewed in the male population in favour of the more desirable men and that a majority of men are not having much success,” CNN reported, citing sex therapist Michael Aaron. “It’s possible, then, that surveys such as this one, which find higher overall partners amongst men, may be indicative of men inflating their numbers, perhaps due to underlying shame.”