DMX to be honoured with memorial in his hometown

Washington: American rapper DMX who passed away on Friday (local time), after being on life support following an April 2 drug overdose will soon be honoured with a memorial in his hometown. The mayor of Yonkers also suggested a raceway for his memorial.

According to TMZ, DMX could soon have a statue or a street named after him in his hometown, but first, the city of Yonkers, in New York has planned to welcoming the late rapper’s family to hold his memorial service there, if they agree to do the same.

A source close to the departed soul’s family told TMZ that there will be both a private and public memorial, and a meeting Monday to work to finalize possible plans, but Mayor Mike Spano told that he is in favor of DMX’s family holding the memorial service at Yonkers Raceway, the city’s largest outdoor venue, and wants to help make it happen.

Spano further added that the ‘Belly’ star’s hometown wants to ease the burden on his family, and “the door is wide open for them to use the grounds of the horse racing facility, if they want to do so”.

Yonkers Raceway has a seating capacity of 7,500, according to TMZ, but under the state’s COVID guidelines it would be limited to 20 percent of that number. Mayor Spanos told that it would be fitting for folks to say goodbye to an icon like X in the city where he was raised.

Regardless of where the family holds the memorial, the sources confirm that Yonkers will honor DMX with a lasting gesture and Mayor Spanos said that might mean a statue like another famous Yonkers native, Ella Fitzgerald, or a street mural or street naming as “Yonkers wants to make sure DMX’s memory lives on in the city, so the next generation can be inspired”.