DMK leader urges BJP for not making Hindi a compulsion

New Delhi: MK Stalin, party leader of Dravida Munnetra khazagam accused Modi government of enforcing everyone to speak and write in Hindi on Saturday, according to a news report in Deccan Chronicle.

The leader, in a video, posted on twitter said that BJP is destroying the unity of the country for making Hindi a compulsion even for non-Hindi speakers.

He mentioned a proposal by the parliamentary committee for MPs to know Hindi for writing and speaking purpose, he exemplified his statement. In addition to this, he said: “Hindi is not only made a compulsory language at all CBSE schools but also, at airports announcements, press news and advertisements.”

He made his point robust with the examples of terminology used while terming a cess and when naming the milestones on highways. “This is a violation of the constitution for all non-Hindi citizens,” he said.

“According to the Schedule 8 of the Constitution of India all languages including Tamil should be regarded as official languages,” he said adding, “I condemn the efforts taken so far in this pursuit – on behalf of the DMK and of all non-Hindi speaking citizens of this nation.”

He also warned Modi-led Government for not sowing seeds of the emergency in the country and asked them for not making it from India to Hindia.