DK Aruna defends sari burning, demands govt to deposit same money in women’s bank accounts

Asking whether women burning cheap quality of saris in protest against the government a wrong, former minister DK Aruna today defended women’s angry protest against low quality of saris being distributed by the government on the occasion of Bhathukuthada festival. 

Speaking to the media along with former ministers Sunitha Laxma Reddy and Kodad MLA Padmavathi Reddy, Aruna reminded that the TRS government gave publicity that it would distribute handloom saris to all women. It was not correct for the IT Minister to condemn the Congress protest program on distribution of saris. She asserted that the Congress would not keep quiet if the public money was wasted.

She also demanded that the government tender apologies to the women folk on saris. The government was indulging in criticism as it was not in a position to digest the ire of the public on saris issue. Alleging that the government looted Rs 150 crore in the name of sari distribution, she alleged that the government was indulging in election gimmicks.

Demanding that the State government withdraw cases filed against women in the name of burning saris, Aruna alleged that the government was threatening women in the name of cases. She asked the government to take back the poor quality of saris and deposit the amounts in the accounts of women.

Clarifying that the Congress was demanding distribution of quality saris to women, Aruna said the Congress will not keep silent if the government looted public money. She also said the people would “bury” the government if it insulted the women. Asking MP Kavita to change her attitude instead of criticizing women, Aruna asked whether Kavita was wearing same quality of saris on the festival day. (NSS)