Diwali festivities only for KCR family: Ponguleti

MLC and AICC leader Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy on Friday slammed the TRS government saying that its anti-people policies have hit every section of the society. He said that the people of the state are now fed up with the policies of the state government which failed to fulfill its pre-poll promises.

The Congress MLC visited the hunger strike camp organized by the journalists in Warangal demanding the house sites promised by the government. Speaking on the occasion, the congress leader said that only the KCR family is happy and would celebrate Diwali in the state. Every section of the society is suffering for the anti-people policies pursued by the TRS government. This Diwali will be celebrated by only KCR family as others in the state are engrossed in hardships, the congress leader said.

Sudhakar Reddy lashed out at KCR saying that he was diverting the attention of the people by conducting bogus surveys and presenting fudged up figures claiming victory for his party in the next elections. (INN)