Divya Dutta to pen book on her mother

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Divya Dutta says she is planning to write a book on the life of her mother, Nalini.

Dutta lost her mother on January 10 after a post-surgery complication. The “Badlapur” actress says she will write the book as she believes she owes this to her mother.

“The book will include all her stories, the anecdotes we shared, I will write all of this because I believe I owe it to her. She was a doctor and she published two books herself.
I have shared a very special bond with her and would like to share it with everyone,” Dutta told PTI.

“I have spent maximum amount of time with my mother. Her life has been nothing best than a miracle. I lost my father when I was very young and she was our support… She was a very courageous woman,” she added.

The 38-year-old actress is hoping to release the as-of-yet untitled book this year, which will be emotional and fun. “I don’t know what will it be titled as of yet, may be I will call it ‘Main aur Maa’… As of now I am still a little emotional… The moment I am ready I will start writing it.

“It will surely release this year. My life is totally connected with her. The book will be emotional, funny and something which will be a lot to learn from.” In the film front, the actress will be seen in “Traffic”, “Ram Singh Charlie” and Shyam Benegal’s next.