Divorce on WhatsApp: Man gives Talaq to wife over text

Sultanpur: Ruby was thrown out of the house by in-laws four years ago for not fulfilling dowry demand. While running from pillar to post, she asked her husband for maintenance. The husband who is in Saudi Arabia sends Talaq text on WhatsApp. As soon as she received the Talaq message poor Ruby fell unconscious.

The victim lodged complaint with SP who assured action. The incident occurred at Nandoli.

Rubina Banu, alias Ruby, daughter of Mohammed Moin of Nandoli village was married to Hafeez alias Rafeeq son of Sami Ali, of Shadipur village.

Whatever they could afford, bride’s family gave her as dowry, but the in-laws began demanded further Rs. 2 lakh and Apache motor cycle. When bride’s family failed to concede their wish, in-laws threw Ruby out of their house on December 31, 2013.

Ruby along with her infant child reached her natal house. Now the kid is 4 years old. Ruby asked money for kid’s education and other expenses, enraged over this Hafeez text Talaq message to her.