Divorce rate rising in Saudi Arabia: Charity suggests pre-marriage training courses

Jeddah: A Charity demanded mandatory pre-marriage training courses to counter rising divorce rate in Saudi Arabia.

According to the report published in Arab News, Mohammed Al-Raddi, Director of Almawaddah Charity Family Development called for the introduction of mandatory pre-marriage training courses.

Talking about his organization’s service, he said that more than 30,000 families had benefited in 2016.

He suggested that Ministry of Justice should make mandatory for couples to get training before marriage.

To link marriage loans to pre-marriage course, an agreement with the Social Development Bank reached, he added.

Speaking about divorces, he said that large cases take place during early months of marriages and the reason is interference from relatives into couple’s life. Divorce cases are also due to couples being unable to resolve their problems.

It may be mentioned that his society which was established 15 years ago has trained over 20000 people before marriage. The study shows that success rate of the organization is 95%.

His organization’s pre-marriage training program prepares couples to enjoy a healthy relationship. It also guides them to spend lives accordance to Shariah rulings.