Divorce rate is a half percent according to the Census

Hyderabad: When everyone is concerned over the issue of triple Talaq, the facts are contrary according to a report from National Herald India.

The divorce rate is 0.56% amongst Muslims, while 0.76% in Hindu population if 2011 census is considered. Neither the Law Commission nor the Government has conducted a survey to calculate the number of triple talaq cases. However, the survey which was carried by Bharatiya Mahila Muslim Andolan (BMMA), reported the divorce rate to be 11% amongst Muslims.

The disparity between two surveys may be due to the huge difference in the number of women taken. Moreover, the BMMA Shariat courts received 22 cases of triple talaq in 2014. In a survey of 117 cases, 0.2% divorces were given on phone, in 0.6% cases via e-mail and in 0.19% cases, talaq was delivered through SMS.

In another survey by BMMA, 40.57% of divorces were taken by women and two women were asked to undergo halala, which means the wife has to marry another man before returning to the first husband.

While several scholars have asked the constitutional bench, the reason to ban polygamy and triple talaq. Faizan Mustafa, vice chancellor of NALSAR, Hyderabad has questioned the government, about the practice of child marriages prevalent in Hindu community.

He has written an article and raised some valid concerns. He says,” why only Muslim women are targeted when the condition of Hindu women are almost same. Why no one cares about the domestic violence and renunciation faced by Hindu women. The problems among all the poor women are same regardless of their religion.”

He also added that there should be a proper investigation on the socio-economic condition of the women in all the communities. There should be a debate on the plight of women irrespective of their religious and social settings.

An Assistant professor of Sunni Theology, Mufti Zahid Ali Khan questioned the constitution about their intervention in triple talaq. He also asked about the practice of Jains, which requires one to be dead while fasting and the constitution never interfered in this belief.