Divine Miss India 2019: A gateway to represent India at Miss Intercontinental

New Delhi: India will witness one of the most elite women’s competition of the beauty industry – The “Divine Miss India” 2019. Promising to be one of the revolutionary Indian beauty pageants, Divine Miss India shall incorporate
personality traits like never before.

Not only intelligence, talent, and integrity, but also diligence, beauty within and outside, and the spark of creating a mark of women in this challenging world shall be its main criteria to bring forth the right candidates.

Being one of its kind, this competition invites women who excel in their chosen fields of profession, are socially responsible humans, and who genuinely take initiatives to care for the society as a whole.

The finalists of the Divine Miss India will get a chance to represent India at the international stage of the uber-prestigious and exclusive Miss Intercontinental.

Where does true beauty emanate from? Is it in the power to make a person smile, does it flow through generous actions of kindred spirits? The very definition of beauty and its perception have been challenged and changed over the years, for good measures, in this modern time.

Women have broken the shackles that had them bound to glossy and superficial existence, and are now brave and beautiful in their pursuit of challenging the status quo.

Miss Intercontinental is a fascinating and exclusive title that opens the doors to worldwide opportunities that few can only imagine. Beautiful, talented and confident women competing for the title of Miss Intercontinental will change their lives forever with hard work and diligence. The world has become ever challenging and ever since its inception Miss Intercontinental has mirrored the victory over these challenges.

Titleholders have bagged opportunities at high-profile careers in media, Hollywood, entertainment, business, and fashion. These are women of power and grace, commitment and intelligence, style and substance. Being a stepping stone for that inimitable, international beauty contest – Divine Miss India truly is a ladder to enviable success.

Behind the organization and execution of this momentous event is Divine Group, headed by Founder and CEO, Deepak Agarwal. Agarwal is a known face in the industry who has been a part of many national and international events, media houses and as a consultant to different industries. He is also involved in strategic planning and execution of multiple beauty pageants and fashion shows in Dubai, America, London and many more countries.

“Divine Miss India is a celebration of womanhood. Women are compassionate, intelligent and probably more thoughtful than us men. The society used to view women through the lens of superficiality, and it was difficult for them to express themselves and become who they really were. We are going through a modern-era renaissance and women are finally expressing themselves and championing the long due equality, that for me is the real beauty of a woman.

Beauty with substance”, he said.

Online registration for Divine Miss India 2019 has been started and soon going to start its auditions in 50 plus audition centers in India. India’s biggest extravaganza is going to be held in the last week of August 2019 in Mumbai.

“It is amazing when women get a platform to showcase what they stand for, their talent, beauty, vision for the nation. It is women who can truly execute ideas that need courage and compassion all at the same time! I am very happy and proud of the Divine Group that shall now give the women of India a truly empowering platform that shall take their success to a whole new level when they get to participate at the international Miss Intercontinental”, added Detlef Trustees, CEO Miss Intercontinental Organisation, SA Europe.

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