District Minority Welfare officer Sircilla suspended for assaulting nurse

Hyderabad: Minority Welfare Department has suspended District Minority Welfare Officer Sircilla for assaulting a staff nurse of Minority Residential School. Staff nurse had lodged a written complaint in this connection. Secretary Minority Welfare Omer Jaleel issued orders of District Minority Welfare Officer G Jeevaratnam’s suspension and returned his services to planning department. The said officer was given additional charge of Sircilla besides Siddipet.

On the visit of Secretary Minority Residential School Society Shafiullah to Sircilla, the staff nurse submitted written complaint in which she complained of assault. She also stated that she was warned not to disclose it to anyone.

Shafiullah submitted a report to Secretary Minority Welfare in this connection who in turn issued suspension orders immediately. It must be noted that a staff nurse has been appointed in each school for medical caretaking of students. The said District Minority Welfare officer is said to have been harassing the women for long.

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