Distribution of staff of Minorities Department in new districts

Hyderabad: Dept. of Minorities Welfare is facing a shortage of staff. Despite this, it has to allot staff for the proposed 17 new districts. The officers of the Department are worried that the functioning of various Minorities institutions would further deteriorate. Govt. should have sanctioned additional posts for the Department of Minorities Welfare or it should have inducted officers on deputation basis from other departments. The departments of SCs, STs, BCs welfare have additional staff. If the Govt. deputes these staff members to the Department of Minorities Welfare, its functioning could be smooth.


It is reported that in the existing 10 districts, there are hardly 3 employees of the Department of Minorities Welfare. If these employees are allotted to the newly formed districts, there will be only one official in each district. Govt. had promised that it would provide staff for the Directorate of  Minorities Welfare and Wakf Board but it has not been done. For the Department of Minorities Welfare, 116 posts were allotted for Telangana but only 70 officials are working at present. Govt. has sanctioned 80 more posts for which appointments have to be made. In each districts, direct recruitments could be made to the posts of Asst. Minority Welfare Officer. For other posts, State Govt. employees could be taken on deputation basis or the present employees could be promoted.


It may be mentioned that Govt. had sanctioned 20 posts for the office of the Director of Minorities Welfare and 10 posts for districts but so far, these posts have not been filled up. Mr. KCR had declared in the Assembly about the sanction of Addl. posts for the Department of Minorities Welfare but this has to be implemented. Govt. is in favour of appointing staff through Public Service Commission.


It is reported that after the bifurcation of the State, there are hardly 60 permanent employees and 70 contract employees are functioning in State Wakf Board. For each district, there is one inspector auditor which is insufficient. If there is any illegal occupation on any Wakf property in the district, the inspector auditor has to visit and submit a report to Wakf Board. It is not possible for a single person to discharge this difficult task. The officials of the Department admitted that due to shortage of staff, the implementation of various welfare schemes has become slow.



–Siasat News