Dist Election officer’s directions to all ROs

Hyderabad: Dana Kishore, DEO &Commissioner, GHMC directed all the ROs to issue permissions to the political parties with regard to representations submitted by them for Model Code of Conduct within 24 hours rather than 48 hours, and if the case cannot be given the permissions within 24 hours, they may explain the consequences to the representatives of the political parties. This is in response to the queries made by the political parties that permissions are being delayed more than 28 hours causing much problems to deal with Padayathras etc.,

The DEO instructed the ROs to conduct regular meetings with the political parties to have a better coordination and interaction with them at regular intervals. A permanent representative phone number may be taken from the political parties so that the information can be informed well in advance without any problems in dealing with model code of conduct issues.

The DEO informed the representatives of political parties that from 2nd to 5th November there will be special meetings with the BLOs in this context. He has requested the political parties to depute one representative from their party to coordinate with each BLO to work together to have a clear understanding while performing the duties. As per the request of the representatives, the Commissioner assured that a proforma will be given to the BLOs on DO’s and DONT’s while performing the duties to have a clear transparency with regard to various issues of election process.

The representatives have also requested the DEO that some of the officers at the ground and as well as in some levels are not extending their cooperation and need strict instructions to follow discipline code during interaction with them. Responding to the request made, the DEO said that model code of conduct is for everybody and political parties or officials are same.

The DEO also discussed with regard to rates of the advertisements and various issues where the representatives have not satisfied with the rates specified by the DEO, for which the DEO requested the political parties to send their proposals with regard to rates so that quotations will also be called for from the concerned organizations basing on the quotations and the proposals submitted, rates will be finalized. The DEO requested the political parties to better use the SUVIDHA online services rather than submitting their applications manually and further informed that our Data Operators at the ROs / EROs office will be extending their cooperation to fill the application on online.

The DEO directed the ROs/ACPs to popularize the C-Vigil app to create awareness among the citizens of the advantages and also to strengthen the existing flying squads and surveillance teams to go round the areas regularly to have an impact and to control the situation as per the guidelines given by the ECI for strict implementation of Model Code of Conduct.

Ravi, Joint Collector Hyderabad and Nodal Officer, Ms. Hari Chandana, Zonal Commissioner & Nodal Officer, Viswajeet Kampati, Director, Vigilance, Returning Officers, ACPs and senior officials of the GHMC along with various representatives of the political parties held a review meeting at GHMC Head office with regard to tariff rates on advertisements etc., and also on model code of conduct.