Disha Patani has a ‘chill buddy’

Mumbai: Actress Disha Patani says at times, it might get stressful to cope with the given pressure and so, she has a chill buddy.

“As actors, we are constantly under the spotlight. We are prone to crazy work schedules and are constantly scrutinised for our actions. It might be stressful at times to cope with the given pressure. Given the situations, it becomes quite essential for us to take those small chill moments,” Disha said in a statement.

“I keep my chill buddy, NESCAFE Cold Coffee handy as it is a great way to take some time for myself in this fast paced busy life, and get to indulge and recharge at the same time,” she added.

The dairy-based beverage from Nestle India has associated with the actress.
In its latest campaign, Disha feels that the memes shared in her group chat are not funny enough whereas her boss has a completely different reaction to it. She feels like reacting with her own ‘meme-tastic’ ideas to her boss.