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Disgraceful act by Haryana Cops

Disgraceful act by Haryana Cops

Chandigarh: A petition has been filed by a minor rape survivor from Haryana in Punjab and Haryana High Court against the Kaithal Police Officers for sexually harassing the young girl during interrogation.

The girl in her petition said,

“One CIA policeman asked me to show him (how she was raped) by opening the buttons of my shirt and then put his hand on my thighs,” the girl said in the petition. “One policeman held on to my toes. Another told me not to disclose anything to anyone or the medical examination would not be done. Then they took me to the woman police station”.

The survivor said she wanted an FIR registered against the cops under various sections of the IPC and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

High Court Justice Rekha Mittal of on Monday issued a notice to the Haryana DGP, seeking a reply about the said incident before the next hearing, July 5.

The girl had filed a rape case with the help of his father on 20 November. She also said that the accused is a known person. Her statement has been recorded before the First Class Magistrate in Kaithal.

Recalling the incident, she said the behavior of the cops was humiliating than the rape, yet no FIR has been filed against the kaithal cops, as reported in Times of India.